Writing, an office reno, and work, work, work

As always, we’re keeping busy. With the upstairs 90% complete, we started thinking about the office. It was a bit of a mess with old carpet, 2 matching desks that were pretty cool at first but just ended up being cluttered with crap. Once we took the funky orange chairs out and moved them to the upstairs bunny room, it became a dumping ground for all the stuff. Craft stuff, writing stuff, books, books, books, electronics, electronics, electronics.

Jon and I have an interesting way of doing things.  We often procrastinate for years, bemoaning how hard the project will be and really working ourselves up. But often, we just start recklessly, abandoning project plans and just going full force ahead. We did this with the bunny room, and we did it again with the office. I’m guilty for starting it. We decided on a paint color – Behr’s Explorer Blue – very cool – and then I just couldn’t resist putting it on the wall. “I’ll just paint a corner, just to see how it looks.” Well, then the seal was broken and we just went for it.

We painted.

And then Jon ripped out the carpet.

And then we bought some flooring. We went to HD, we looked at carpet. We went to Durfees, we looked at carpet. We brought home samples. I decided I didn’t want carpet. We went to HD, we looked at vinyl flooring.

I always feel the need to defend myself about my affinity for vinyl flooring. Yeah, I know it’s plastic. It’s probably tacky, and not ecofriendly, but the fact of the matter is, I’m on a budget, and I love the look of wood. When you can’t afford real wood, vinyl actually has come to look very, very close. And it’s easy to install and affordable. Apology over. We did vinyl, and it looks pretty awesome.

Whew. Then we started on the desk with the help of our favorite people Jill & Kevin. It would have been a helluva lot easier to just buy boards at HD, but we had some raw oak from an oak tree we cut down to build our house 14 years ago. It’s been sitting outside, looking tacky as hell for 14 years (we’ve used some of it to build the stair treads down to the basement), and I wanted to get rid of it!

So that was hard. Planing, cutting, and it was the coldest days of the goddamn year. But we’re grateful for the help and happy with the result, so there’s that. I will post photos, but I’m tired right now. It was a hard week, and I’m sick, and I don’t want to do anything that involves moving anything but my fingers.

So that’s the update on the house. The other big thing, which I won’t call a “time suck” because that’s just rude, is that I’m 4 weeks away from getting a master’s degree in Creative Writing!! (I just said that in my head like the muppet announcers). It’s been a 7 year journey and this is the hardest but final stretch. I’m working on my thesis – a book about food, but really about my family and it’s getting pretty deep and dirty. But in a good way. My professor is the best I’ve had in this whole journey and I think I’m going to be happy with the result. But mostly, I’ll be happy to be done with it. BUT I must keep writing.

That’s all for now. Will try to post more regularly. Sort of wish I could be working on fun winter cozy projects like sweaters from my cat and bunnies, but it’s all good. I’m trying to enjoy what is, because it’s all really good when I really think about it.