A new hobby takes me by storm!

Spring is coming, school is over, and I actually have some free time! Since nature abhors a vacuum (so do I!), something was bound to fill the void. And so, I’ve found a new hobby! Lettering! What is lettering, you ask? It’s basically fancy writing, and encompasses everything from calligraphy to sign design, handlettering, and the every popular brush lettering.

For anyone on instagram or pinterest, brush lettering is the ubiquitous type of writing that mommy bloggers (barf) and all those other annoying white women on the internet love to use. Like me!

Here are some examples that aren’t too annoying. 

Then, there is hand lettering, which is basically drawing letters. You see this in signs, logos, and other things. Some examples. 

There are all kinds of different alphabets to learn that form letters in different ways. Script alphabets and block letters, bubble letters, different fonts… it’s kind of a whole new world. YAY! I love a meaty hobby!

So far, I’ve basically just bought tons and tons of pens and markers, and papers, and online classes. I’m practicing every night and for the first time in my life, I’m starting to actually have good “penmanship” as they used to call it. My only “bad” grade in elementary school was in handwriting, so now it’s time to redeem myself.

Here is my first try at hand lettering.

But mostly I’ve been working on brush lettering, just finding the right pens, practicing my strokes. I’m not sure what my end goal is but i’m pretty confident it will come in handy some day.



Other than that, I’ve been sewing neck wraps for me and Jon (this is me filling one with rice – you then heat it up and wrap it around your neck and it feels really good!) , shopping for birthday presents, and reading. I just finished “Where the Crawdads Sing” and I just loved it. It was pretty much perfect. Sad it’s over. Now, on to “A Visit from the Goon Squad,” 10 years late, but I still hope to contribute to the conversation!

The office reno remains unfinished and probably will for a while at this point. Jon and I are both in creativity mode. He’s working on Virtual Reality stuff and making videos, and I’m practicing my penwomanship…. Soon (maybe) it will be nice outside and I’ll want to get our garden sort of in shape. At some point I want to do a whole “garden revisioning” like we did the “house revisioning” but I suspect this year I won’t have enough ambition or money. But still, I’d like it to look decent and to start planning for the redo.  So far, the daffodils are poking their green leaves out on the south side of the house, while the crocuses remain unseen. I think they may have croked.