A new decade begins, plus lots of art resources

It’s January 1, 2020, and I just really love the way that sounds! I’m not saying it’s all going to be different this year, but I’m allowed a positive attitude this early in the year, right? Bets on how long it will last? 🙂

I have a lot I want to do and learn this year, most all of it in the creative realm. I’m not feeling a bit call toward accomplishments this year, but rather I’m wanting to explore new tools, new mediums, and push myself creatively for no reason other than I want to. I’m 45 years old, so I think I’ve reached the point in my life when I can do what the hell I want just because!

Here are some areas I’d like to focus on:

  1. Digital illustration. I got into Procreate and Adobe Fresco last year and I want to continue learning how to use both of these tools to their full capacity and to learn to draw while I’m at it. Here’s an orange I drew yesterday with the help of Lisa Bardot’s tutorial. She goes fast so I had to pause it several times to figure out what she was doing, but at least she didn’t waste my time by overexplaining (pet peeve of mine). I’m also still trying to figure out the basics of Adobe Illustrator despite numerous tutorials and practice sessions. Why isn’t it sticking? For all my creative endeavors I’ve found some great tools and teachers along the way. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Peggy Dean. I found her on Skillshare (a site I find completely worth the $120 annual fee because there are so many great courses on their for creative people). Her site is thePigeonLetters.com and she has some good freebies and a shop where she sells some of her custom goods. She teaches both digital art as well as painting the old fashioned way. I also have her book “Botanical Line Drawing” which shows you how to draw a ton of different flowers and plants in 6 simple steps.
  • Teela Cunningham. I found Teela through an email that Peggy Dean sent out. She has a very different style than Peggy (who nearly explodes with exhuberance), and she has a great style of teaching as well. Her site is every-tuesday.com She seems to specialize in lettering, fonts, and also drawing in various mediums digital and analog. I subscribe to her weekly email as well, and she has classes on Skillshare and on YouTube too.
  • I recently found Lisa Bardot. Her site is bardotbrush.com. She created “Make Art Everyday” where she creates prompts for every day of the year and provides tutorials to help you get them done. On instagram, you can tag your work with the hashtag #makearteveryday and I plan on starting this today. I was never great at drawing so it’s a basic skill that I’d like to improve on, and doing something every single day seems like a great way to do it. She is a Procreate artist and has a line of her own Procreate brushes called BardotBrushes.

Here’s an orange I drew in Procreate yesterday with Lisa’s help:


I have other areas of creative exploration on the docket from fiber arts (that’s the fancy word I use to mean “crochet”) and sewing and home decorating and all those little crafty things I love to do. Oh, I should also mention Bluprint.com. It used be called Craftsy, and like Skillshare, it’s an annual subscription. They have less content than Skillshare (which is user generated), but have some really good classes on everything from crochet to drawing and cookie decorating, curtain making and slipcovers. They don’t update the classes all that often, but I still find it useful to have a subscription and many of the classes I go back to over and over again to reference. They also have an online shop with their own brand of Peruvian yarn called Cloudborn that is very nice and they often have good sales on it.

Well that’s it for now. Do you love my list of one item? Ha ha! #2 is “work on endurance.”