The “Cutting Edge” of Crepe Paper Flowers

Did you get the pun? Ha ha! So, in thinking about this blog and what I want to do with it, I’ve realized that my value in a blogger is in the fact that I love to try all kinds o’ crazy things. I might never be a complete expert or master/mistress of any one thing, but I want to be able to do things well enough to impress my friends, and myself. And I think I’m pretty good at figuring out how to do that.

So with that introduction, I’m going to share my exploration into crepe paper flowers!

The first thing to do when exploring a new craft (or anything) is to find the people who are really great at it, and/or have a real passion for it. Note: I have no followers on this blog right now, so don’t worry I’m being paid off for a reco!

In the United States, from my research, it seems that the queen of crepe paper flowers is Lia Griffith. Even before this research, I knew of Lia. She has some classes on Bluprint (formerly Craftsy) about paper crafts and she even has some products in her name. What I didn’t know is that she seems to be particularly into crepe paper flowers and has some amazing templates, and youtube videos that you can watch. I’ve actually become a total Lia fanatic, especially after “she” liked my instagram post of my first crepe paper rose! (made with her template and of course I tagged her, so.. yeah).

I bought this template, as well as a peony one, at Joann’s (my local craft store – I’m sure they all sell these… Michael’s.. A.C. Moore… Hobby Lobby, etc.) As instructed, I bought a low-temp glue gun (found in the floral department – yes different from a regular glue gun so now I have two and must now be part of Level 2 crafters or something), some floral wire, floral tape, and Lia Griffith crepe paper. I don’t know a ton about crepe paper but hers works great. There is stretch to it, so you can actually work it so it really does look like real flowers~


Ok, this is my very first crepe paper flower, and hello? Pretty amazing, right? So follow Lia’s template and instructions and you can’t lose (or else I’m kind of a savant at this).

So then… I tried her crocus tutorial. This one I had to buy a subscription to her monthly service. I didn’t do this lightly because I already have over 10 subscriptions (bluprint, skillshare, weightwatchers, milanote, rememberthemilk…. ) and I’m actively trying to downsize, but $10 a month seemed worthwhile for real expertise (and I couldn’t find it free anywhere and know..artists work hard to give us stuff and should actually be paid for it) so I got the template for these crocuses and OMG they are amazing. AND easy, when you get all the stuffs…

Boom, boom, boom! Go to for details (I TOLD you I’m not getting paid for this). I just love her.

So cute. Daffodils are next. My mother is totally in love with daffodils and I intend to surprise her with a big bouquet for mother’s day. Mwah!

Stay tuned for more random crafts and random insights and maybe some bunny pictures if you’re lucky!


Love ya!