It’s a bunny butt wreath!

Bunny butt wreath

My creative whimsy is usually something where I have an idea in my head, and then I try to figure out how to make it. Then, I usually realize I can’t do what I actually envision, so I look for ideas online and then adapt and meld different ideas I find.

Albus the bunnyThis bunny butt wreath is one example of this. I have a pet house rabbit named Albus (yes, like in Harry Potter). He is an adorable white lionhead with ruby eyes. Since I adopted him two years ago, I’ve become a crazy bunny lady (in addition to already being a crazy cat lady). Yes, I am one of those people who yell “bunny!” anytime I see a bunny – real, in a movie, or on a trinket at a store. A popular meme on social media is “bunny butt Friday.” To really make your day, go to Instagram and type in #BunnyButtFriday into search and you’ll be delighted by all the fluffy bunny butts!

This past Easter, I was in a hard-core anti-consumerist mode – a mode I call “austerity measures,” which usually coincides with me trying to “balance my checkbook” (metaphorically, of course – nobody actually balances their checkbook anymore, right?)

I have never noticed how many bunny things are out in stores around Easter. Before I had a bunny, I must have just ignored it. But this year, it was a constant struggle to not buy all the cute things, from pillows and statuary and cards, etc. At one point, I went in Michael’s – just to see what they had – and they had a really cute bunny wreath. It was $10, made in China. But cute. But in true LoveLarisa fashion, I thought to myself – I’ll make it myself, and spend 5 times that amount! (but really make something special).

Bunny butt wreathSo after much research and thought, I came up with a design for the wreath. There are some ideas on Etsy for bunny butt wreaths (take a look) but they weren’t quite what I was looking for. But I did find this crochet pattern – and luckily I had just recently learned to crochet (follow your bliss!).

So I ordered the pdf pattern and crocheted the bunny. I opted not to include the legs. They are super cute, but it just seemed a bit too much.

For the wreath itself, I really wanted yellow daffodils because they really say “Spring” to me, and they make me think of my mother because she loves daffodils. But after searching online, the artificial daffodils I found were quite expensive, so I settled on yellow carnations instead. Then I bought a Styrofoam wreath form.

Materials I used:

Bunny Butt Crochet Pattern

Case of 100 light yellow carnation with picks  from

Green artificial corsage leaves from

14” foam wreath form from

Sprightly yarn and crochet hook

From there, it’s mostly self-explanatory. I followed the directions on the crochet pattern (omitting the legs as mentioned above). I put some 20 gauge copper wires in the bunny ears to keep their shape, and then used the same wire to attach the bunny parts to the wreath form. Then, I trimmed the yellow carnation picks so they weren’t so long that they poked through the other side, and just covered the entire wreath form with them. The door where I hang the wreath is glass, so I can see the backside of the wreath from inside. If you have a one-sided door, you could just cover the front of the wreath. This project took basically all 100 carnations.

Then, I found some super cheap hollow easter eggs at Target ($1!)  and attached those using glue and the copper wire, and added a ribbon to hang the wreath with.

So… in the end it was quite expensive and time consuming, but I really love it, and I can use it every year. Plus, I learned some new skills and had a fun project to work on – and that’s what it’s all about.

Does this inspire any other ideas from you? I’d love to hear them!


xoxo LL