The LoveLarisa Life

Several years ago, I became passionate about making jewelry. It was a hobby that came out of nowhere and took six or seven years to fully run its course (a lifetime for a gemini like me who doesn’t like to commit too much to one thing). I couldn’t stop talking about it, dreaming about it, creating it, designing it.

So when I started selling my jewelry, and was trying to name my company, my mother suggested “LoveLarisa.” She said it just “came to her.” It made me laugh and I wasn’t sure at first…it almost sounded like a Russia mail-order bride service. But it was perfect, because my jewelry making really was all about love. Loving the process, loving the effect of making people happy with my designs. Loving creation and execution and an artistic and beautiful end result.

The passion for jewelry making subsided a bit (though I still dabble), and now I have more space to pursue other creative endeavors. Now, the LoveLarisa lifestyle includes all the things I love, the things that I’m passionate about, things that make me happy and excited.

I’m a huge fan of mythologist Joseph Campbell, and my favorite quote of his is “Follow your bliss.” It’s one of those quotes that’s perfect for a Pinterest meme, right? But I believe it’s one of the keys to a happy life. It’s become half of my life philosophy (the other half is “follow the plan” because I’m also a big fan of getting stuff done!)

This blog is about ways I’m following my bliss. I love creating, so mostly I imagine it will be about my creations – from crafts and ideas I use at work (I work for a local university in alumni engagement), to writing, and travel, animals, decorating, gardening, and food. Hey, I have a lot of passions!

If you happen to stop by here and get some inspiration to help you follow your own bliss, that will make me happy. Feel free to use and adapt anything you see here.

Xoxo LL